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So this young girl Janet is away at boarding school and have some problems because when she was younger she saw her mom kill her dad. Nasty, very nasty. She is sent home to her guardian Henry who is also the family lawyer. Janet is assigned a nurse named Grace. All seems okay but not for long because we need kind of plot to get this going. Janet starts having what she thinks are nightmares where she sees this dark haired woman with a scar on her face in the house, but no one sees her and when she follows Janet cannot locate the woman. So she must be nuts. Anyways it calms down and there is to be a party. Henry brings his wife with him who turns out to be the woman with the scar on her face aieeeee! Janet does what any off kilter person would and stabs the woman with the knife that was meant to cut the cake slash! Janet is taken away to the asylum in hysterics. The end…oh wait I think there’s more. Turns out this was all a set-up by Henry and Grace to A-get Henry’s wife out of the way so they could be together and B-get Janet out of the way so Henry as her lawyer would get the huge house and her money. Those skunks! So they marry and move into Janet’s place and keep all the helpers as well who frown upon this but mind their places. All goes well for a while but odd things start to happen to Grace like odd phone calls and Henry going other places that have her thinking he is having an affair-the cad. Soon Grace is seeing a figure moving around in the house but can’t catch it/her when she gives chase. She becomes convinced that Henry has gotten Janet out of the asylum and is plotting with Janet to drive her (Grace) mad. Oh what a tangled web or some such thing. So Grace does the sensible thing and kills Henry while planning to blame it on Janet so rip she offs Henry. Then goes to call the cops. The servants show up and she tells them Janet killed Henry. To which they say no way, Jose as they call the asylum and let Grace hear that Janet is still there and doing well with therapy so well that she will soon be released. Well who did Grace see? Oh wait the servants liked Janet and they realized what Henry and Grace did so they set all this up to get back at the couple. So now Henry is dead, Grace will go to the jail for murder and Janet will get out soon to take her house and her life back. Hooray and roll the credits.


The negatives-Not so much, it doesn’t get much credit but I think that’s only do to the small name cast.
The positives-I saw this one for the first time maybe 15 years ago without knowing much about it other than it was from Hammer and it was suspense. It had me glued right away. The acting is tight, the story is strong and it looks great with a fine use of the black and white images. Definitely worth seeing.



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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

4 responses to “Nightmare

  1. This was a great thriller film from Hammer along with Paranoiac.

  2. jjames36

    Sounds solid. I might check it out at some point.

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