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Ten things I learned from Dracula-Prince of darkness

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To wrap up Hammer week here is one more topic.

1-Some times Dracula is fed up with talking and he just growls and hisses all the time.

2-Don’t trust servants named Klove.

3-Next time if you have to choose between staying in a small cabin or the forbidden castle go with the cabin.

4-Frightened villagers are usually correct.

5-The inside of Dracula’s castle always looks different depending on who visits (you do have to see other Hammer Draculas to realize this).

6-If staying in a big castle and being fed and waited on seems too good to be true then you are probably doomed.

7-Frigid women seem to make wild vampires once they get bit.

8-Dracula can’t lure in every single woman no matter how hard he tries.

9-You don’t need to be named Van Helsing to beat Dracula.

10-Shooting holes in the ice and sinking Dracula counts as running water and will defeat the Count (it may be a stretch, but it worked here).



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