Five TV shows that will clear a room at my house


With shows like the original Star Trek, Lost in space, Wonder Woman, The Land of the lost and others I can put them and all or at least most of my family members will watch it with me, but there are others where I seem to be alone in my opinion. Here are some.

The Six Million Dollar Man-I grew up with this one. Even though I try and convince my family member that it’s not that different from Wonder Woman or the Hulk, but they still groan when I put it on.

The Starlost-I put this on and everyone else┬ásays it’s the most boring thing ever.

ARK II-I tried to convince my son he’d like this because of the cool vehicle, the jetpack and the monkey, but he gave up on it pretty quickly.

Space Academy-“Why is Doctor Smith not funny in this?”, “Why are those kids so dorky?”, “Space doesn’t look like a fun place to go in this show”-just a few of the things I’ve heard when I put this in.

Adventures of Superman-My kids might watch like 2-3 minutes of this 1950’s show before walking away.

Oh, well I like these shows.