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10 things I learned from She-wolf of London


1-June Lockhart was less annoying when she was younger.

2-Muddy shoes and a wet nightgown does not a werewolf make or something like that.

3-Despite the title and the fact that Universal made this it has nothing to do with their earlier film The werewolf of London.

4-The guy that played Gidget’s dad was young once.

5-If you get fog every night it doesn’t bother you.

6-Some guys just like to sit on park benches in the middle of the night waiting to be attacked.

7-Today around 60 minutes and it’s the length of a TV show, but back then 60 minutes could be a movie, who knew?

8-Apparently in turn of the century London it was okay to spy and stalk everyone.

9-Some times the meanest looking person really is the culprit.

10-There is no monster in this film.

This film gets a lot of criticism because well there eventually turns out to be no monster. So it’s a suspense film instead of a monster film, for that it does alright. However the title and the fact that Universal did it while they were still doing the monster cycle of films displeases a lot of Universal horror fans. I understand that, but the film is okay or slightly above rather than bad. The acting is solid and it looks good enough, just don’t go in expecting a drooling female werewolf.




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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “10 things I learned from She-wolf of London

  1. Excellent list. As I watched this film the other night, I realized by the end that there was no monster. Bizarre.

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