11 thoughts about Ghostbusters 2



With the passing of Harold Ramis I’m sure lots of people were pulling out Ghostbusers, Caddyshack, Stripes, Groundhog day or something. Likely I’m one of the few that opted for this 1989 sequel. I actually watched it as recently as October, but wanted to give it another viewing. Here are some quick thoughts on it.

1-I’m not sure the original needed a sequel, but I’m glad they made it.
2-The scene with Ray and Winston doing a birthday party is sad, but kind of funny.
3-I didn’t like Louis or Janine as much in this film as I did in the original.
4-I liked the parts where they are trapping other ghosts after they have work again. The ghost runner was interesting.
5-Peter MacNichol was annoying in his part, but the more I see him the more I think that approach works for the part.
6-The part where Venkman says something about suck in the guts guys we’re the Ghostbusters always make me smile.
7-The idea behind Vigo was just okay, but he certainly looked creepy.
8-Slimer’s cameo seemed very tacked on.
9-There was no need for Louis to suit up as a Ghostbuster.
10-The part where the Titanic comes in is awesome even though it’s only a few seconds.
11-Egon sharing about how he had part of a slinky but he straightened it fits in so well with his character.

Overall I like this movie probably more than most people. Of course it’s not on the level of the original, but it’s likable. I think my biggest problem with is parts that don’t seem to add to the characters development or advance the plot of the film. On the plus side we get to see the guys back to work doing what they do best.