Ten thoughts on Zardoz

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1-The locations are spectacular.

2-The more explanation they add into the film the less sense it makes.

3-They reveal too much about the story too soon.

4-As far as 1970’s dystopian sci-fi goes this one tries harder, but the results are mixed.

5-The red diaper look on dudes wasn’t cool in 1974 nor will it ever likely be even in any future universe ever.

6-If waving one’s fingers at someone worked as a punishment it would have been done a long time ago.

7-It doesn’t take long into this film for the average viewer to begin laughing.

8-There are some moments are images that work in this film, but there are just many that feel like they are just trying to pad the length of the film.

9-It’s not a good film, but there are enough odd and interesting ideas and visuals to make it worth re-visiting from time to time.

10-No one in this film really looks very comfortable with what they are doing.