Upcoming stuff and junk


This week has been busy with my daughter’s birthday, getting taxes done, had to switch my work schedule around and other things. So all that plus paying attention to NFL free agency (go Broncos) has resulted in less TV viewing time and less writing time for me. Hoping to get back on track now. For next week I’m shooting for reviews of Leprechaun 3 and a first season episode of the Hulk (he’s green you know) for the holiday. Robin should be by Sunday plus Dr. Smith on Wednesday. I might get to another review and maybe one more topic as well.

Take care!

My top ten favorite spaceships



10-That ship from Laserblast. Crap film, cool ship.



9-Valley Forge from Silent Running.

large earth vs flying  blu-raybw4

8-Earth vs. the flying saucers, classic saucers.

discovery 1

7-Discovery 1 from 2001: a space odyssey. I love the angles they film it from.


6-Klingon D-7. They may be the baddies, but that ship is smooth.


5-The Serenity from Firefly. Hey it’s backside lights up.


4-Colonial Vipers from Battlestar Gallactica. Give me one of them fancy Egyptian flight helmets and let me fly one of those around.

Forbidden Planet space ship

3-C57-D from Forbidden Planet. It looked and sounded great.


2-Millennium Falcon. Awesome design and movement.



1-Well of course the Enterprise would take this spot.

There you go.