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Leprechaun 3



Hey, I know those dudes!


A mangled up dirt bag sells a Leprechaun to a pawn shop just across the street from a Las Vegas casino. The seller tells the pawn shop guy “don’t remove the medallion” from the figure. So one second after the seller departs the brilliant pawn shop owner removes the medallion and all heck breaks out as he looses part of his ear and some toes for starts to the little beastie. The Leprechaun is now loose and ready to kill, make bad puns, go after his gold and do whatever it takes to stretch this thin plot into straight to video film length. AH, 1990’s horror. While our title monster is slowly battling the pawn shop owner we meet Scott who is on his way to LA to go to college. He runs into Tina who smiles a lot and assists a really lame magician. Blah, blah, blah Scott blows all his money at a casino. He goes to pawn his watch at the shop where Leppy just put an end to the owner. Scott gets a gold piece in the pawn shop and wishes to o back and win a bunch of money. It can’t be that easy, can it? No, because our green wearing monster comes after said gold and eventually bites Scott him on the arm-that’s what you get. Scott then goes back and forth turning from a tall goof into a tall goof Leprechaun. Oh, good golly like we need two of them going about eating taters and spitting forth the worst limericks ever! The coin also makes it’s rounds between Scott, a sleazy casino owner, the lame magician mentioned above and a woman who wants to be in better shape. The medallion from the beginning goes around too and it has some powers of course as Tammy tries to fend off the monster with it. In between all this mad racing around on a budget we get deaths by a body bloating and eventually exploding, a magic trick got bonkers and a dude gets his sausage electrocuted because he did it with an evil robot skank. Our characters go between the pawn shop, the casino, a hospital and other place in between. Oh, yeah and this corny as all get out computer program about leprechauns says you can get rid of them by destroying their gold. Good thing Scott’s friend Tammy was bright enough to catch all that and help save him from being a Leprechaun by destroying the craggy little bugger and his pot of gold too. Roll the credits.


Number of awful limericks-Far too many to keep track of.

Number of former Ewoks in the film-well one, Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun over a decade after Jedi and years before being Flitwick in the Harry Potter films.

Number of times we see green blood squirting around-Like at least four times.

The negatives-

The first almost half an hour is slow going. The Scott into a Leprechaun part had it’s moments, but was painful too.

The positives-The deaths were mostly so ridiculous you had to laugh and that was the point. Warwick Davis tries hard to make this amusing and mostly he succeeds. Las Vegas is the perfect setting for a monster this cheesy. Tammy dresses like the Black Canary and that’s okay. The two guys wanting their money and their discussion about socks and underwear, that was awesome.

This was a funny movie and for  the most part I really had fun with it too.



In Vega no one would notice this guy.




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