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UFO week


I am sure that any interest I have or have had UFOs stemmed from watching episodes of various 60’s and 70’s shows. Like Halloween and monster episodes I always like UFO/alien episodes and plenty of non-sci-fi/horror shows seemed to have one of these. It was much welcome to me than an amnesia or a “we found a lookalike to one of the show’s character” episodes. Not that all the above were not corny depending on the show. Anyways a UFO/alien episode for me as a kid was like “well if these characters can see a flying saucer then I want to see one too”. Of course that last part has never happened, but it did get me interested to check out books on the subject at my elementary school’s library. At least this caused me to read. The amount of flying saucer reports in previous decades and up the 70’s obviously had an influence on Hollywood and not just sci-fi films as mystery and sitcom shows also brought in the saucers although there was normally an explanation behind them that was revealed by the end of the show. None the less I was normally glued to the screen for these episodes back then. This week I am going to review a few episodes of 70’s shows that involved UFOs. Right now I’m figuring the episodes will be from the Brady Bunch, Charlie’s Angels and the Hardy Boys plus maybe one more if time permits. I may also knock out a list on who how to tell if a UFO is genuine or not if you are ever trapped in a TV episode where you or someone else spots one of those flying in the sky.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

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