The Brady Bunch-Out of this world




What’s this about?
Bobby and Peter meet an astronaut who claims to have seen a UFO. That gets saucers on their minds. Later at home they hear a whining noise, they look outside and see a red saucer shaped thingamabob floating out in the distance. Oh me garsh it’s a flying saucer it is! Or at least it looks enough like one to get this episode rolling. Peter and Bobby are thrilled by having seen this, but the rest of the family doesn’t believe them. So they decide they need evidence like a picture. Next thing they set up in their back yard with a camera prepared to see the UFO again. Eventually they do and get a picture. Also around this time Bobby has a dream where a UFO complete with red-afro wig wearing little aliens come and talk to him. After the dream the pictures are developed and show a saucer. The parents still don’t know what it is however an Air Force investigator is called in. Turns out that Greg was doing it all along to prank Bobby and Peter, but he didn’t intend for it to go this far. So he confesses and gets punished, no UFO, show is over.

The UFO-Greg explains earlier to Marcia that he hung a plastic sheet on a line between two trees like a movie screen. Then the saucer is a cutout on a flashlight that he shines on the sheet while blowing into a whistle thingie for the sound. Of course the saucer looks too good for what he says he did. While Bobby is always wanting to believe in things it’s not surprising he was duped. Peter however is like 15-16 here and should have known better.

Impact-I loved this one as a kid and still appreciate it for the UFO aspect and the hoax aspects.



UFO verification checklist


So you see an object in the sky, how do you verify whether it’s real or not.

For UFOs that only appear in the sky and vanish check these.
1-Make sure there isn’t a clear plastic sheet out in the distance because maybe someone was just shining a flash light UFO on it.
2-Inspect the area where you saw the object to make sure there isn’t fishing line between trees to pull a saucer object across.
3- Check area for hub caps, frisbees or other objects that may have been tossed in the air by hoaxers.

Other sound advice.
If the saucer is still in the sky then make sure it looks solid and it isn’t just a projection.

If the saucer is one the ground then look closely to make sure it isn’t made of cardboard or plywood.

If the saucer says UFO on it then it probably isn’t.

Some of those will show up this week in reviews as UFO week moves on. Feel free to add any tips to the list in the comment section.