Space Station 76-Can’t wait


Space Station 76 is a new indie film starring Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Matt Bomer. It has apparently been shown in a few limited places including having been shown at SWSX a few weeks ago. Apparently it’s at least part spoof focusing on 1970’s space shows and movies which is why it would appeal to me. From the few pictures I’ve seen it definitely borrows some sets and costume ideas from Space: 1999 plus there’s lots of mustaches, big hair on the female characters and simplistic robots. For a cameo it’s looks like (according to IMDB) that Keir Dullea from 2001: A space odyssey and Starlost has a small role in the film. I hadn’t heard about this one at all until recently. While I prefer movies and shows right from the 70’s I’d be interested in a spoof if it’s done in at least a semi-loving way. Either way if it ever gets a proper release either in the theater or on DVD I’ll be all over it.