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The Munsters-Herman the rookie




So Herman takes his boy Eddie out to the ball field to teach him how to play ball. After some foolishness Herman uses his might to effortlessly pound the ball over the trees and far away. Meanwhile some ways away Leo Durocher (who is supposed to be with Dodgers but wasn’t by the time this aired) is arriving at the airport when Herman’s ball whacks him on the head. He’s okay but is very interested when he learns that the nearest ball field is a long ways off. Eventually he finds Herman and invites him for a tryout with the Dodgers. Herman shows off him power, but it kind of leads into a destructive kind of power and he seems to tear stuff apart at the field without meaning to. Turns out they don’t sign him because they figure each time he plays would cost them more than he’s worth in damages to the stadium. Oh, well better luck next time Hermie baby.

Team- The Dodgers

This is a great episode of one of my favorite shows. It follows a theme they use several times where Herman gets his hopes up only to have them dashed but life goes on.



Baseball week rolls on, another review coming on Tuesday.


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