Voyagers!-Cleo and the Babe



In case you didn’t want this show every week during the 82-83 TV season (although I don’t know why that would be) I’ll share the basic premise first. Phineas Bogg (yes, like that with a “B”) is a time traveler (which explains the old style duds). He stumbled in New York in present day (well 1982) and took 12 year old Jeffrey with him through time. However Bogg lost his time travel manual and he doesn’t know squat about history because he didn’t pay attention during Voyager (time traveller) classes. However Jeffrey knows history so he often has to help Bogg and by help I mean setting history straight. Bogg did manage to keep his Omni which tells by red or green light is history is okey-dokey or wrongsville. If it’s red then they have some work to do in setting things right.
This time Bogg and Jeffrey accidently bring Cleopatra into 1920’s where she falls in with Lucky Lucciano. Which causes a big old mess. Meanwhile Babe Ruth has become discouraged about baseball and leaves causing baseball and the Yankees to never be the same so Bogg has to set things straight which involves him doing some pitching with Red Sox. Cleopatra seems to like being a flapper, but when she realizes she is in over her head she lets Bogg and Jeffrey help her. Eventually our heroes set history straight, Ruth becomes grey at baseball, Cleopatra goes back to her own time and the 1920’s get straightened out. On to the next period of time to straighten in out.

This one is a little silly with the Cleopatra in the 20’s angle, but it’s decent. I liked this show a lot and while it’s not perfect it had real potential.

Baseball teams- Red Sox, Yankees

Voyagers Babe Ruth Headline

Baseball week rolls on with another review.