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The Incredible Hulk-The phenom




So the first episode of the Incredible Hulk’s final season kicked off with an odd baseball oriented plot. So David (he’s the Hulk don’t you know) gets a ride in an old jallopy with a floppy haired guy from North Carolina. He’s played very well as a minor league ball pitcher so now he’s been called down to Florida for Spring Training to try out for the New Jersey Roosters. Well cockadoodle doo! David plans to go to camp with this guy just long enough to get him settled in and then hitchhike some more just like he always does in every episode whehter things work out or not. So at Rooster’s practice the young guy does very well and the manager asks him to pitch at the inner-squad game the next day for the higher ups to see if they like him. Hey, all is well this will all be roses and unicorns and stuff. Wait they need to toss in some of them fancy plot devices and such. The phenom pitcher falls in with a bimbo who is throw at him by a shifty, greasy agent. Meanwhile David helps out a drunk sportswriter which ends up with David getting a short term job. David goes to check on his pitcher friend, but he is being ruled over by the agent and the bimbo. Greasy agent has two thick necked-gentlemen in Hawaiian shirts toss David down the steps. That results in David getting all green and huge, he tosses baddies around and leaves. All of sudden the bimbo decides she likes the pitcher and she leaves the agent in hopes of becoming good-awww ain’t that just so sweet? David decides to really go and gets his thumb ready. His pitcher buddy gets nice again and ask David to at least come to his inner squad game. David does, but agent-greaser guy has his muscleheads waiting outside the stadium. They start pulling on the pitcher’s arm and knock David down. Of course David transforms again and knocks the goons around again. Then he carries his pitcher friends in like a baby to the field (!).
There’s some comic relief Hulk style, the agent gets tripped by the former bimbo and the Hulk leaves. Okay, pitcher makes the team and he and the girl are together. The former drunk sportswriter agrees to be the pitcher’s agent and David is off to go somewhere else for the next episode because that’s what he does.

Kind of a silly episode made bearable by a good supporting cast.

Team-The fictional New Jersey Roosters



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4 responses to “The Incredible Hulk-The phenom

  1. Sounds like a fun episode!

    • Not the most creative, but some good character actors, a steady pace and some humor made it watchable.

      • I treated myself to season 4 box set, its great, and got The First Part 1 & 2 on it, one of my fave episodes of all. Been having great fun watching this old series again. Will have to collect the other seasons now 😀

  2. There are only seven episodes in season five. Apparently they began filming them and the network cancelled the show after season four. When they discovered there were seven unaired episodes the network waited until the fall of 1981. Then showed them once through and then repeated all of them two more times each to stretch it into a whole season of some sorts. I kind of remember that when it was back on and wondered why there were only a few episodes.

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