Galactica 1980-Spaceball


“Get out of the way, earth kid. We want to see those adorable space kids play, oh wait actually we really don’t.”

In case you missed this short lived show it was really an abomination of the science fiction world. No , really it was. After the network realized their mistake in canceling Battlestar Galactica they brought it back only as a shell of a show. They found earth, but it was now a mostly new cast and using stock footage was a must. Add in really bad acting, ridiculous plots and horrible dialog and you get the idea. Anyways they need manage to crank out a baseball episode.

Galactia warrior types and normal main characters Troy and Dillon get lured off earth in a messed up ship by a meanie named Nash. Troy and Dillon’s earth friend and reporter Jamie is taking care of the Galactica’s kids who of course have super strength, speed and stuff. Jamie is trying to avoid an Air Force guy who has interest in Dillon, Troy and the space scouts (those kids). Jamie goes to cover a story about an ex-ball player who has a camp going where teaches kids baseball and she takes the scouts with her. The ex-ball player has a problem-he has a bad hair piece, no wait that’s the actor’s problem. He will lose his camp if his team of kids don’t play in the championship, but oh my they are sick! Cough, cough, cough! Hey, Jamie has some super space kids let’s get them to play. Baddie Nash meets Jamie and tells her he has been sent to help her-you lie like a rug, mister, but she believes him. Meanwhile the Air Force guy gets a lead on where Jamie and the space scouts are and he closes in on them because that’s what the script says to do. Meanwhile out in space Troy and Dillon realize Nash gave them a bad ship so they set out to fix it and do, but make sure you notice their all too obvious strings pulling them while in “space”. Meanwhile (lots of meanwhiles here) Nash talks to Adama on his wrist communicator thingie and tries to deal with him, but no deal happens. Wait this is a baseball episode so the space scouts play against another team of earth kids. Jamie tells the space kids to stink  it up because the Air Force guy is watching and he’ll grab them if they show their real powers. They suck and the earth kids razz them like “I got a better swing in my backyard”-oh the humanity. By the six inning it’s Cougars (earth kids) 6 to 0 for the Polecats (space scouts). Jamie learns Nash plans to take the kids away once the game is over so she tells the scouts to win because well the reason is coming up. So they step it up and use their powers, smacking the ball over the trees, pitching incredible strikes and finally jumping into the air to win. Fans and the press swarm the kids on the field so Nash can’t grab them. He does try to wait for them, but Jamie manages to get Air Force guy on his trail and then Troy and Dillon show up so everyone follows Nash, but he escapes via stunt double and poorly animated laser from his toy gun. Also Air Force guy takes a lame laser to the chest, but he’ll be alright. Of course hisgetting knocked out allows Jamie and the scouts time to leave and the show unfortunately goes on but not for long.

Teams-Cougars and Polecats-Little League teams

This show was awful in general, but this episode switches things up a little. Normally it was all about Troy and Dillon and when Jamie was on she was a supporting character. Robyn Douglas didn’t have very good dialog or much else to work with here, but she was far more likable than the main characters. So this episode has that going for it. The baseball action such as it was left much to be desired. I did like seeing their Little League uniforms of the time and the field.

That’s going to wrap up baseball week. There will likely be a future sports week some time soon and maybe a football episode week in the fall if I can come up with enough episodes to last a week.



Quiet, Jamie is talking.


Behold our shiny jackets and matching pants.