The Bat



So what do you get when you mix a horror legend (Vincent Price), one of the scariest TV mother’s ever (Agnes Moorehead of Bewitched), a former Our Gang member (Darla Hood) and a story that had already been filmed several times before? Yeah, you get the Bat a suspense/mystery film that tries to pretend to be a horror film. If you’ve ever bought one of cheapie horror collections from Wal-Mart you may have gotten this film at least once.


“I’ll bet it’s Derwood-oh, wrong program.”

It begins promising enough with Price shooting a guy in a cabin and burning it down to cover up said murder. Don’t be fooled yet though because now you need to prop yourself up to stay awake for awhile. Agnes Moorehead comes into the scene as a mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder. She and her companion/helper/another older woman talk to a bunch of others-blah, blah, blah including Darla Hood. The two woman live in an old house, no say it ain’t so- the old house! Oh, wait I just figured you should beware of old houses. Maybe so while at said house they hear lots of noises. Eventually there are some real break-ins, people are murdered and a masked guy named …yeah the Bat is suspected. Detective Anderson comes by, looks sour and starts accusing Price (who is a doctor who does research involving bats) and he also accuses the…butler of being the Bat!  What kind of corn is that? The butler? Even Scooby Doo knew better than that most of the time. Anyways the women scream and Cornelia finally remember she is a mystery writer and sets to trying to figure this thing out. Price’s character is killed by the masked wrongdoer the Bat. So the good news, Mr. Price is your character is  off the hook for being the Bat, but the bad news is your character is well dead. Cornelia figures out there are millions of bucks worth of securities hidden in her house and she finds the secret passage. She and a few remaining survivors manage to corner the Bat as he tries to get said securities. Bang, bang, bang the Bat goes down for the count, oh wait it’s just bat movie in name only and no vampires, oh well ignore the attempted joke. Anyways the Bat is detective Anderson, yeah I gave up caring by this point too. Roll the credits.


“Is that Wolverine?”

The acting is alright enough and Moorehead and Price help when they can. Overall it just suffers from being a creaky, low budget film that isn’t scary enough to be a horror film and not really clever enough to be a good mystery.


“I’ll scratch that itch for you.”