Monster fighting 101: Frankenstein’s monster

Okay the first thing to know is this-


Frankenstein refers to a man-frequently a scientist who put together a monster and brought it to life.

Frankenstein’s monster refers to the creation or yeah “monster” and that’s who I am talking about fighting in this post. So let’s get at it.

First this one is difficult because there have been different types of monsters/creation by people named Frankenstein. Many of the early ones had less direction and were slower, but others were more like humans with different minds so I’ll try to cover as many as I can below.


1-Fire tends to scare the monster at least at first. You just have to be in control of the fire of course because a raging inferno isn’t going to be good for anyone involved.

2-Speed is an advantage you likely have over the monster. So that helps in fleeing,  and for fighting you can likely reach weapons to use against the monster quickly.

3-Intelligence helps here as in anything. Frequently these monsters are slow mentally and gullible. So you may be able to lure them into a trap. Provided you have some intelligence and are able to keep calm in the face of the monster.

4-Keep the monster’s durability in mind. They are frequently made of dead parts of people. So these beasties can be tough to kill since they have died once and came back. So guns and knives will only cause minimal damage. To fight them with a weapon you will need something that will really make an impact and from a distance such as flame throwers or maybe rigging something like a falling pulley or other swinging object may have enough force to do some damage.

5-The monsters frequently seem fond of little kids and woman so using them as bait may work too (sorry about that woman and little kids).

6-The monster always seems to be created at a castle or a large isolated house. So if there are reports of a monster on the loose it’s probably staying at the local castle or large old house. So if you are bold enough to go after it go there. If you have not other alternative you could always blow up the castle if you are sure the monster is in it.

There you go, hope that helps. Feel free to add other tips in the comment section.


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