Mecha G’s Monster of the month-Evil Ash



“Fear my way, humans! You death comes today, I’ll rip your….” Howdy there! It’s me Mecha G here to share the monster of the month. This month it is an evil version of another character that being Ash. They say evil like it’s a bad thing. Actually he was created from the original Ash, but this “monster” chose the better path IMOMO (In my own monstrous opinion-in case you didn’t know). He was bettter looking than the original, wittier and he got to lead and Army of darkness. What more could you ask? Okay, it would have been nice if he had won, but you can’t always have everything. Have to get back to my full time job. “Rarrrrrrrrrr, I’m going to wipe out this city in seconds, rarrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!