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Recent aquisitions


The kids were sick last week which happened to be their spring break week. I have not had a great deal of tv watching time. I did pick up a few DVDs though mostly for the kids.

Hop-I got this one as the kids Easter present from us. A fairly enjoyable film about the future Easter Bunny and his struggle with his role. $7.50

Flushed away-The kids saw this at the dollar theater years ago and liked it. Kind of a North by Northwest of the sewer world. Pretty good. $5.00

The Three Stooges collection-6 movie set-Two older movies with Curly Howard and four from the later Stooges line-up with Curly Joe. The two older films are good. The other four are from the less violent and much older Stooge line-up and they are all right. One of these films may show up in the theme week I hope to tackle next week. $5.00


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