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Abbott and Costello go to Mars



So you’d think the title pretty much sums up this film. Well you might think so but if you did you’d be wrong. Abbott and Costello (Lester and Orville in this one) accidentally take off in a rocket that was supposed to go to Mars, but instead they end up at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Due to all the odd costumes the boys think they are on Mars  and try to adjust to the alien ways. What the? Well I guess the boys should go somewhere out in space so a couple of robbers are tossed in to force them to take action. These thugs and the boys take off in the rocket zoom zoom we are off to the moon, um Mars well how about Venus? Okay Venus it is which is apparently populated by only female beauty pageant contestants. Lou becomes a king of sorts but has to wear something that looks like long johns for a really cheap super hero. Eventually he can’t stay faithful, the thugs turn some of the woman against him and the woman of Venus realize he’s really kind of dumpy so the earth guys flee, get into the rocket and kapow back to earth. Roll the credits.

It’s hard to imagine that taking one of the best comedy duos of all time and throwing in sci-fi elements would results in such an average film but it does. I really blame most of it on the weak plot. In films like when A and C meet Frankenstein or the Invisible man there is a definite story and the guys react to situations while keeping the humor in the foreground. Here the humor seems spread out even forced at times. The part at the rocket base and at Mardi Gras are overall stronger than the time on Venus due to the humor. Still many of the jokes seem flat this time around. Worth seeing for A and C fans and I love the limburger cheese in the space helmet gag, but not one of their best.

There is more of space silliness week coming over the next few days!





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