The impact of giant monsters



Is bigger better? Not always, but big monsters have always had an appeal and they always will. From dinosaurs to giant monkeys to mythological monsters and more film makers over the decades have found ways to make giant monsters with varying results. There has always been a fan base for these type of monsters. I remember seeing Godzilla, King Kong and others at a young age and then when the movie was over I’d find toys to pretend they were giant monsters and they’d smash Lego building and threaten plastic human figures. It was great, heck I might go and do that after I finish here. Anyways giant monsters have been both silly and terrifying, but there’s always something about a monster large enough to crush cars, trees and buildings. Although along with giant threats to mankind we do at times get giant protectors as well or wrestling foes for the evil giants. Large threats have certainly made their mark in films and with recent films of big beasties making some impact I expect we will see a few more of these type of films in the near future as well.



Upcoming stuff and junk


Hoping to have something about the impact of giant monsters out Friday and a Gamera film review Saturday to wrap up giant monsters week. Next week will see some 1970’s Bigfoot and Abominable snowman action with reviews of the first Bigfoot episode from the Six Million Dollar Man, a Land of the lost episode with the Abominable Snowman, a review of the made for TV film Snow Beast and maybe more.

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10 things I learned from Earth vs. the spider AKA: The spider

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1-Be careful of giant flesh eating spiders the next time you are driving along the road alone at night.

2-Just because a guy has a reputation for drinking and running off doesn’t mean he didn’t get done in by a flesh eating spider this time around.

3- Sometimes high school kids look like they are 45.

4-Small town sheriffs don’t believe much of anything until someone dies first.

5-DDT apparently only temporarily paralyzes giant spiders.

6-Rock and roll can awaken a formerly paralyzed spider.

7-Everyone can run fast while fleeing from a giant spider.

8-Giant spiders cast giant shadows.

9-Giant spiders makes sounds like a squeaking door amplified like 30 times.

10-Stalagmites can kill a giant spider if it is first shocked and then fall from a decent height.

There you go. This film was made by Bert I Gordon who made a number of films between the mid 1950’s and late 1970’s mostly about giant creatures. They had low production values and some times terrible effects. That being said this film is actually decent in a B movie sort of way. The plot is unlikely of course, but the action and effects are adequate. It’s not Tarantula, but it’s a worth watching.


Quick get a gigantic shoe to squish that thing!


I’ll never understand modern art.

Dream monster fights

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Plenty of monsters have taken on other monsters over the years. With Godzilla being back in action more monster match ups may be on the horizon. So I wanted to throw out a few that have not happened.

5-Mechagodzilla vs. MechaKong- MechaKong might need some updated weapons for this to be much of a battler, but having robotic versions of two famous monsters might be cool.

4-King Kong vs. Mothra-Kong took on Big G and Mothra has battled most other known monsters so this may be a good one.

3-Godzilla vs Gargantua- This one was proposed back in the late 1970’s, but the Zilla franchise had dried up by then so it never happened.

2-How about a monster tag teams match? Perhaps Kong and Big G have a temporary truce to take on a more evil pair maybe the their Mechacounterparts or maybe Ghidorah and jungle dinosaur form a menacing team and Kong and Big G have to team up to stop them.

1-Godzilla vs. Gamera- A true clash of titans that has yet to happen, but really should. Godzilla might have fought more enemies and has the popularity, but Gamera has been more consistent in his moods and has won a higher percentage of his fights perhaps.

***Feel free to add any other ideas you may have in the comments.







The Land Unknown




Time to kick off a giant monsters week. This one was on Svengoolie last night.

In between smoking cigarettes and looking serious some higher up military types go over findings that in the middle of Antartica there seems to be a warm area of land (?!). So an ice breaking ship travels south via stock footage although this whole movie will see be going south. Around this time characters stand around and we get an exchange between the two leads goes something like this.

Female lead-Must you always be so technical?

Male lead-Some times I can be quite romantic.

To think that someone got paid real money to write that. Eventually they reach the point where an expedition of three dudes and one woman leave in a toy helicopter to go find this hot spot. While in the sky they go past a pterodactyl shaped object to which they shrug their shoulders at because they are too stupid focused to realized what went by them. They land in front of under painted backdrops a lush tropical jungle scene. They soon run into two things 1-helicopter troubles 2-dinosaurs. Now number two is of the low budget variety of course but still dinosaurs. The group stumble through a foggy set, argue, babble out rotten dialog, fret over not being able to take off and flee from more cheapie, junky dinosaurs. Eventually a plot of some sorts pops up when the group runs into a bearded guy unlike the rest of the cast appears to have had some acting lessons. He was a survivor from a previous expedition, he wants to trade a helicopter part for the woman and he’s bat poop crazy. The male lead says he’s not giving up his main squeeze even if it means bloody death at the teeth of the junkosaurs. The other two guys don’t totally agree with him though. Eventually they get the helicopter fixed and they even save the crazy, beardy guy before getting back the ship. They are saved and roll the credits.


It’s Barney. Run before he makes us sing with him!


It’s amazing what they can with plastic bags and no money, well not that amazing.


The negatives-The effects are not that special, they are cheap even by 1957 standards. The acting is mostly wooden, the dialog can be tedious and the plot is thin in places.


The positives-It has dinosaurs. I like the backdrops overall in a fantasy type way. The film was meant to be in color, but they went over budget early one (it doesn’t show) and they had to go with black and white. This film looks way in black and white than it would have in color. Veteran character actor Henry Brandon shows up as the bearded survivior of the previous expedition and he helps the film by providing some sort of plot twist and his acting is far better than what anyone else was doing in this film.


I have my beard, my boat and my babe so I’m all set.


What a great shadow puppet show.

Recent aquisitions

I have buying too much I suppose, but here are the latest additions.


Pacific Rim-2 disc set $7.50 at Wal-mart.




Godzilla against Mechagodzilla from the $5 bin at Wal-mart.



King Kong vs. Godzilla $5 at a different Wal-mart.



Gamera-Legacy Collection $9.99 or $9.95 I forget which and once again Wal-mart.

Add onto that I had the kids in tow as we went past a $1 t-shirt rack at the Wal-mart where I got KK vs. Big G. We looked through it and got this haul-

My daughter got shirts of- Mini-Marvel super heroes, Captain America and Superman.

My son got shirts of Pac-Man, Superman and Iron Man

I got a Venom shirt.

So seven shirts at one buck a shirt equals $7 for 7 new shirts. Can’t beat that.

I also bought my son a new Godzilla poster for $5 and it’s already in a frame and on his wall (we had the frame already.

There you go.