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Liebster award


Lauren from Mykindofmovie has nominated me for a Liebster award. So I thank her for that.

Now the Rules to accept the award:

1. Post the award on your site.


2. The blogger who has been nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.

3. The nominee must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.

On down the post.

4. The person who has been nominated must choose eleven bloggers who have less than 200 followers to answer a set of questions.

I’m just going to open it up to anyone who wants to answer the questions

5. When you are nominated, the only blogger you can’t nominate is the blogger who nominated you for the award.

See answer to #4


So these were the questions:

1. Favorite vacation spot?

The mountains

2. Favorite color?


3. Favorite dessert?

Cookies-oatmeal raisin

4. Favorite black and white movie?

The creature from the black lagoon

5.  Favorite superhero?

It’s been Captain America since I was like six years old.

6. Favorite television show?

Star Trek the original series

7. Favorite book?

Can’t pick just one. The illustrated man, Green eggs and ham and English Gothic top the list.

8. Favorite Beatles song?

Not a fan. I’m changing it to Iron Maiden and saying The prisoner.

9. Favorite dog breed?

Labs, but I have three cats instead.

10. Favorite beverage?

In the morning-coffee otherwise water.

11. Favorite nerdy franchise?

I think the word is used too often.

There you go.


About markmc2012

I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

One response to “Liebster award

  1. Iron Maiden kicks ass!

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