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Tales of Frankenstein



Hammer films get quite a bit of credit for restarting the classic monster craze beginning in the late 1950’s. Their first film that got it rolling was 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein which took elements of what Universal had done with the story and added a then modern touch and made it a bit darker. That most people know, but most people may not know is that a year later they made a TV pilot that was very much like an on old Universal horror film.

So Dr. Frankenstein (Anton Differing-The man who could cheat death, Circus of horrors)  fails with a flat headed monster as it tries to attack him. He feels like he needs a  better material. He gets the materials he needs by not so nice means via a sick sculptor (Richard Bull from Little house on the prairie). This freaks people out as the new brain reacts to the monster’s body. Everyone else kind of acts shocked and walks through tight, little sets that look they were made 20 years earlier and does very little else. It doesn’t work out as nothing ever does for the Baron when he goes doing these experiments.

I have tried to watch this three times and have fallen asleep at various points on all three occasions. The acting is okay except when you compare it to what Hammer did a year earlier with The Curse of Frankenstein . The story is really quite average, it’s like a lean and vanilla version of Universal’s films. I like the idea of a Frankenstein TV series but can why see this pilot failed to sell this show. It’s worth seeing once but it’s just quite average.

T Of Frank Don and Helen

“No that’s not my face, it’s just a quick make-up job.”

T Of Frank  Anton

“I just made a boom boom”


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4 responses to “Tales of Frankenstein

  1. Never knew Hammer attempted to make a TV pilot like this, great to find this out. Always enjoy watching the films. A Frankenstein tv series sounds good, sadly its clear why this pilot failed.

  2. Now if they’d made this with Cushing and made it with a bit more of an edge it might have worked.

  3. Cool, I didn’t know this. I’ll have to check it out!

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