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Growing up with Godzilla and other giant monsters


When I was like 7-9 Channel 20 out of DC showed Abbott and Costello movies every Saturday around lunch time and I watched those fairly often. Like the Fall when I was 9 they switched it up and started showing monster movies instead. Some times it was Universal horror and on occasion some grade Z 50’s or 60’s film (this was the late 70’s) but often enough Godzilla, or Mothra or Rodan or a combination of them and others would show up in badly dubbed versions for my delight. This was my introduction to these monsters and these films. It was a grainy black and white TV (when didn’t buy a color set until 1983) and I often had to argue with my mom to see it and she thought I should be outside soaking up the sun instead of watching Godzilla flatten buildings. Channel 20 kept this format for about three year and I saw as many of these films as I could during this time. No one else really showed Godzilla films after that. It wasn’t until I got a VHS player that I was able to enjoy these films again. People laugh at the characters and the films or rather people who don’t know any better do that. My love for these characters has been with me for over 30 years and I still enjoying watching and discussing these films when I can. This weekend when I take my kids with me to see Godzilla it will add another chapter to my love for these characters. Good, bad or in between seeing Godzilla on the big screen with my family is something I am very much looking forward to. So even though channel 20 may have been just filling in time on their schedule all those years ago I thank them for getting me started with my love of Godzilla.


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