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Mecha G’s Monster of the month


“Feel my wrath, know my anger, be devastated by my….” Oh, hey there. It’s me Mecha G and it’s time for the monster of the month and it is….


Godzilla the so-called King of monsters. He has been around for decades both destroying cities (yay) and helping people (boo). His appearance and his powers have changed over the years. Let’s look at some of his battles.


Here he is cheating like a dirty skunk.


Here he is about ready to get his bumpy tail kicked by a superior adversary.

He does have some good points, his body shape is fantastic for flattening cities although he would be cooler if he were made of metal and shot missiles out of his fingers. Whoops, have to get back to my work at hand. “Run while you can you pathetic humans but I will wipe you out!”

*The views expressed by Mecha G are not always those expressed by us pathetic humans.

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