I had these memories about seeing a movie when I was younger on TV about a ferocious monster terrorizing a tourist area known for it’s skiing. I am not sure I ever saw the whole film back then, but I saw enough that it made an impression of sorts. I remember people running and quick flashes of an abominable snowman type creature. I knew it was made in the 1970’s, but thought it was older than 1977 because it seemed longer ago than that. Not long ago I was going through a huge collection of cheapo movies and happened upon one called Snowbeast. I put it in and realized it was this movie I remembered as a kid. A quick trip to IMDB told me it was a made for TV movie. As I watched it 30 some years later the plot was what I remembered – snow creature causing trouble for a Colorado ski resort. However the beast didn’t appear as much as I remembered and it was shown it wasn’t as scary as I recalled it being when I was 7. It’s rather typical 1970’s made for TV stuff  the acting is hit and miss and there’s of meaningless dialog going on because there isn’t enough budget to show the monster often. So instead we get a lot of so-so deaths and people screaming when they see something. The main character (Bo Svenson -Walking Tall and tons of other stuff) is a former skier who walks around acting sour until killings start and then he tries to find out what’s going on. Of course there is a character who doesn’t want to acknowledge that something horrible is going on because it may hurt the tourism. You know how that will turn out. There’s also lots really bright 70’s style snow attire to laugh at if it doesn’t blind you first. The creature doesn’t die in the most convincing manner. It was entertaining enough that I made it through in one sitting. It may be worth one viewing if you are a fan of the abominable snowman, but just expect to see more snow than beast in this one.


I’m trapped in a made for TV movie and I can’t get out!


Oh, dear I just soiled myself.


That’s what they scared of?


Careful, I know how to use this thing.

Bigfoot and the abominable snowman


Growing up in the 1970’s there was definitely a fascination at least for me with the idea of Bigfoot, the abominable snowman, the yeti and other giant beasties that may or not exist. Back then shows and cartoons worked these creatures and the mystery surrounding them into a plot of some sort. I ate it up not matter what when I like in first to third grade. I checked out any book on the subjects as well from my school libary. The librarian probably thought “goodness, why can’t this goofy kid check out normal books about dogs or cars”. Anyways back then I had a definite fascination with the subject and that’s why I am dedicating this week to these monsters as they were portrayed on TV in the 1970’s. Hope you enjoy the theme week.