Taste the blood of Dracula

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Is he making one of those alka seltzer volcanoes?



So at the end of the previous film old Drac fell onto a big nasty cross. What a clumsy oaf, no wonder he always got beat. Then his body turned to powder and this greasy type guy managed to be right there to scoop it and Drac’s ring  up to sell at a gothic style flea market or some such thing. Later we meet some grumpy and strange guys who tell their families they are off to do volunteer work. In reality they are off to hang out with other woman and do non-family type things, oh the sham and horror. Enter this young guy Lord Courtley with no money but a lot of nerve as he takes these guys woman from them. Later he talks the old guys into buying Drac’s dust and possessions so they experience real evil. So far this film is just about a bunch of nasty people with no redeeming qualities, kind of like most popular TV shows these days. So the old nasty guys shell out the money and buy this crap. Young dude takes them to do this ritual, but when comes time to drink blood out of a goblet they get all huffy and beat the snot out the young guy and leave him there all dead like. Come on, it was just blood-well that is kind of gross I guess. He may have been a cocky, pushy scum but he was loyal to Dracula and now Dracula pops back to life and swears he’ll get revenge on those who killed his follower. So now a Dracula  film that didn’t have Dracula for the first third turns into a revenge movie with the lord of darkness trying to get even on people that have so acted worse than he has. So old pointy teeth uses his powers of persuasion and his evil eyes to command the offspring of the old guys and kills them one at a time. Drac takes a liking to young Alice, but eventually she and her mutton chopped boyfriend use the power of the Lord to bring our cape wearing vampire down for the count (pun intended of course). Roll the credits.


“Who wrote Dracula sucks?”

The negatives-The script is overall just alright. You’ll spend quite a while waiting for Drac to appear.

The positives-The cast is solid, the film gets going once Dracula show up and I like that it’s a change from the old hassle at the castle type Dracula film. Good to see him stretch his cape out into different surroundings.

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My sideburns shall keep you warm.