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The Plague of the zombies

plagueofthezombiesposterjc jp hammer-horror-series-plague-of-the-zombies-19-L-UJrvLQ


So this small town doctor is having trouble because people are dieing and he is getting the blame. He mails his mentor whose daughter is friends with the wife of the small town doctor. The old doc and his daughter haul off to the small town in question to see what is going on. They run into some dopes chasing a fox and the daughter misleads these dumb dumbs because she likes the fox or doesn’t like the dudes-take your pick. In town the young doctor drinks to forget all the problems and the locals yell at him. The old doc gets the young to start talking about what’s going on to try and get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile young doc’s wife Alice has a cut that won’t heal-hey could that be a clue? We’ll see. The two docs find out the dead are not in their coffins and they work with the police to see what’s the deal with these vanish corpses. Meanwhile the old Doc’s daughter gets attacked by the fox chasers from earlier, but their boss the local squire  wards them off. Margaret is still mad over being shoved about and she leaves. Soon we learn that the squire and his pack are doing something that rhymes with poopoo – that’s right voodoo. Alice dies, but comes back as a zombie! She gets her head lopped off-ploop! Somewhere around this time the old doc realizes the squire is behind the deaths and the disappearances of the bodies. Unfortunately the squire has begun the process on his daughter-oh dearie me. The two docs are in a race against time to stop the squire, his thugs and the zombies. You know that the good people win, the baddies lose and a fire breaks out (because this last part happens towards at the end of many Hammer films). Roll the credits.

The negatives-These are pre-Night of the living dead zombies so don’t expect flesh eaters.

The positives-The acting and the pace really drive this one plus it has an amazing score and the sets are good. Definitely in my top ten Hammer films.

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