Frankenstein and the monster from hell



This young Doctor Helder gets arrested for hiring body snatchers, playing with corpses and collecting eyeballs. Then he gets tossed into the looney bin. Fortunately for him a person named Doctor Victor turns out to be the one and only Doctor Frankenstein. He is a resident there but actually he really runs the place in exchange for being hidden from the public and for being allowed to carry out his nasty experiments. He brings on Helder as his assistant and he already has a young mute helping him too. Eventually Frankenstein begins manipulating patients and stitching them together after their deaths-ewww yucko. He creates a great big hairy ape-well a monster – no more of a low budget creation. Really it’s body of a madman, the hands of a craftsman and the mind of a musical and mathematical genius. The results are a great big hairy ape – yeah only with the same guy that played Darth Vader in the suit. Anyways these putting together body thingies never work out. This one goes bonkers and tries to do what it wants. They shoot it down kapowie-ba-boom. Then the rest of the crazies rip his body to bits-shred-shred-shred. The Baron shrugs his shoulders, gets out a broom and begins preparing for the next surely doomed project.


The negatives-The monster make-up is very poor. I mean like so bad for 1973 that you can’t believe it.

The positives-I wasn’t big on this one the first time I saw it like 14 years ago, but it has grown on me over the years.

This is the last Frankenstein film from Hammer and it falls 16 years after the Curse of Frankenstein. What we see is a driven madman who continues his goal of reviving the dead into a living being. He has lost the use of his hands, likely his hair, his position, his wealth and yet he just keeps on working at this crazed quest no matter what. That’s the brilliant part of what this films is trying to drive home. Peter Cushing is great as always and the supporting cast is overall good.







Beware the whatever it is.


So Frankestein is your name and what you create is Frankenstein’s monster, I think I got it.


No, it really is my real hair.