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Spooky space kook


Check out that crazy pop corn popper.


Scooby, how did we find these new looking hats in this dust and cobweb covered plane?



So the kids are cruising but have van difficulties. They pull over to ask a wild eyed farmer carrying a gun-yeah good idea. He tries to run them off thinking they are reporters. They tell him they are just meddlesome kids instead. So he tells them about the space kook who has been haunting area. Ah, joy a mystery is a foot! The gang heads over to abandoned airfield. Oh, yes some people have pools or big decks, but not everyone is lucky enough to live next to an abandoned airfield -let alone a haunted one. The gang look around, Scooby eats everything and of course they run into the space kook! Instead of running like a bunch of cowards the rest of the gang look for clues. Hey why don’t they look in the clues closet? Get it clues clo… oh never mind. They find a generator, a jeep with hidden wheels under the flat tires and a newspaper clipping. Shaggy and Scooby run for their lives but eventually they cowardice works to their advantage when they run to the top of a tower and find a projector and a tape recorder. Ah, what would a skull headed alien invader need with this stuff? Eventually the gang get the kook on the run. They catch him in a wind tunnel and expose him as the above hick’s neighbor trying to scare people the hick so he could buy the land cheap. Oh and he would have gotten away with it if not for the meddling kids and their dog.

The negatives/doesn’t fit-The spaceship is explained as a projection, that was a pretty vivid 3-D looking ship to have been done by a classroom looking projector with nothing to project on. Scooby eats a bunch of food without telling Shaggy he found it. Even dim witted Shaggy would have known the food was a clue if he had found it. Yeah, Scoob is a dog but he’s found lesser clues and known some of their importance in other episodes.

The positives- Cool looking monster get-up, the ship is awesome and some great scenery make up for an okay plot.



A crazy hick, but not the monster.


That’s a haunted ship if I ever saw one.



Ohio stoner band Traitors return to earth using a similar image for their shirts.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

6 responses to “Spooky space kook

  1. MojosWork

    25 years later, this character design came back for one of the vilest characters in X-Men history, the appropriately named Holocaust.

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