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Mine your own business


Even Big Ben liked the ascot in 1969.


I can’t fit through the doorway.



The gang get lost and end up in a ghost town-thanks a lot for your rotten map reading skills, Shaggy!. They end up staying the night in the local lodge owned by a big dude named lefty  pinky no-neck Big Ben. He is glad to have anyone there because as helper and short dude Hank tells it a nasty ghost called the Miner Forty Niner has scared everyone else off. Gulp, better hold on tight looks like another mystery. They start looking through the town and Scooby and Shag run into the Miner Forty Niner! Oh, no! They also find a secret entrance to a mine. After some scares and exploring the gang find a speaker, a microphone and some oil. Now it all makes sense or does it? Scoob and Shag imitate a train and scare the Miner almost all the way off a cliff and it turns out it was little Hank wearing stilts to make himself look big. He found oil in the mines and pretended to be the Miner to scare everyone off in the hopes that Big Ben would give up, sell him the land cheap and he’d make a bundle.

The negatives/doesn’t quite fit-This is an early episode and it’s a bit sloppy as you’ll see Velma lose lipstick off he facr, Scooby lose his spots and Freddie shed being covered in flour very quickly. The biggest problems are with Hank as the miner. First is although the stilts explain the long legs they don’t explain why his arms were longer. Also it seems hard to believe that on stilts that Hank could move so fast on rough terrain like he does.

The positives- A classic episode with a memorable villain.


Holy poop it’s the Miner!


Holy poop it’s Hank!

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