The creepy case of old Ironface







So the gang are out enjoying water skiing. Actually Scoob and Shag are doing the skiing and they are quite decent. Then along comes a bunch of sharks being commanded by a metal mask wearing lunatic. Isn’t that always the way it happens,only in the Mystery Inc. world. So the gang heads back to a restaurant where they are to meet Captain Morgan who is to be their tour guide to Skull Island. Mama Leone the restaurant owner tells them the island is haunted by Old Ironface who was an inmate who had a metal mask put on him because he was so mean that no one wanted to look at him. Oh , yeah take that mean face. Captain Morgan does a no show so the gang goes to Skull Island to look for him. They get chased by Ironface again and escape. They find food and eventually find and underground tunnel and Captain Morgan who was kidnapped. Freddie designs a trap and surprisingly it works. Ironface was really Mama Leone who admitted early she was a former champion water skiier. She had been using the metal shark torpedoes to smuggle convicts out to Skull Island to hide out. They were paying her good money and that’s why the food was out there. When she heard that Captain Morgan was working towards making the island a tourist attraction she took on being Ironface to scare people off. Also a federal investigator pops up and says he has been trying to solve this case and thanks the gang for doing his work for him.

The negatives/doesn’t quite fit-The biggest thing is the sharks look metallic from the first second they are shown and I can’t believe that particularly Freddie and Velma wouldn’t have noticed that. Also the disguised federal investigator must have stunk at his job to have been unable to solve the case over a long time while some teenager and a dog do it in a few hours.

The positives-This is one from the late 1970’s so the gang seem a little more organized and the editing on the cartoon is better than in the earlier ones. It was fairly easy to tell who was up to no good but not so much the motive. Even though the sharks were clearly fake the idea of a metal mask wearing madman riding on sharks is a pretty tough idea for a villain.