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Beneath the planet of the apes




Worst rescue attempt ever.



If I could talk I’d say this wasn’t a very good sequel.


When we last left Taylor and Nova we saw Taylor realize this was earth that apes had taken over. Oh, well this is a sequel time to ride on- literally as he and Nova ride on further into the forbidden zone. Then they run into a wall of fire and a crack in the earth-oh dear being ruled by those doesn’t look so bad now. Then Taylor vanishes and Nova is left alone. Meanwhile another Earth spaceship from the past has found it’s way to this time. That’s about as likely as me sprouting wings and becoming an angel, but hey this is sci-fi. Unfortunately this ship crashed too-didn’t anyone from that time know how to fly these things? This one crashed in the desert and only a guy named Brent (James Franciscus) survives. He runs into Nova and sees she has Taylor’s dogtags and he knows Taylor. He gets her to lead him to the ape city -dumb move. A planet of apes? How can this be? They witness General Ursus (James Gregory and awesome voice) trying to lead the army to the forbidden zone to take it over much to the objections of Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans-another great voice). Brent and Nova try to flee but Brent gets hurt-no good happens for humans around these darned dirty apes. Nova takes him to their old friends the chimps for help. Cornelius must have a cold because he sounds different, oh that’s because Roddy McDowall was unavailable so David Watson is playing him this time around but Kim Hunter is back as Zira. Things go fast and bad from here. Ursus and Zaius and a bunch of apes head to the forbidden zone – kind of like a vacation only with lots of horror and fear. Brent and Nova get caught, but escape only they end up underground. Instead of moles and rabbits they find a freakish, telepathic, robe wearing cult who worship a nuclear bomb. Wait, is this still the same movie? Did someone change the channel? Nope, same film. Apparently this is the old New York subway. Brent tells the mutants that the Apes are a coming so the mutants try to drive the apes off with illusions, but it fails and guess whose coming for dinner? You get a star if you guessed gun toting apes. Meanwhile Brent finds Taylor who is a prisoner. They eventually break out just in time to run straight into a battle between the apes and the mutants. Let’s just saw the side with the firearms is winning. Cut to the chase-the bomb is armed-Taylor and Brent get killed and kapowie the earth explodes and this one no one can say they blew it up because they are all gone. That’s it, no more planet of the apes and no more sequels unless some desperate Hollywood type throws out some  screwy plot to keep this thing going-oh wait I think they did. Roll the credits.


Well that doesn’t look nice at all.

Amognst the mutants you may recognize veteran character actor Jeff Corey (True Grit and tons of other things), Victor Buono (King Tut from Batman) , Gregory Sierra (Sanford and Son, Barney Miller), Natalie Trundy (she shows up in the three Apes sequels after this too) and Don Pedro Colley (dude, he was Sheriff Little on the Dukes of Hazzard).



Just because we wear flesh masks and worship a bomb doesn’t mean we are freaks-okay maybe it does.

The negatives-The original didn’t really need a sequel. While this film start out promising enough it falls apart towards the end. It’s like different types of a dystopian future all tossed into one world to show all the badness at one time. Also the budget was cut and it was decided to save dough by using rubber masks on apes in the background instead of make-up and yes we can see it and no it doesn’t look good.

The positives- The film has a decent cast, some good visuals and some real potential early on.



No more sequels for you!

This film had some good ideas that were lost by a heavy handed treatment of the script. I think the film turned out as just average and I’d rank it as forth of the five original films. However it did push this into a series and it made money so more sequels were made.

Planet of the apes week is marching on here with more to come this week so get ready.


Why yes some of those guys behind me are wearing rubber masks.


Monkeying around.



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2 responses to “Beneath the planet of the apes

  1. I actually thought this was an excellent film, though a bit disjointed. It put a new spin on the destruction of the human race and exemplified the mindset of the cold war. God Bless our Nuclear war heads! Lord knows we worshipped our own achievement of destructive capabilities. Ain’t a film that would touch this today.

    • I always wanted it to be better. To me it just added more negative statements about humanity and it didn’t a whole more than what was implied in the first film. Most of it looks great though.

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