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My history with the Planet of the apes

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Unlike a lot of other people my first ape memories are not of Charlton Heston or the other movies, but rather of the short lived 1974 TV show. I was four then so I guess my ten year old brother begged to see it and it was on. I have faint memories of apes on horses and two guys and a chimp running around a lot. Around this time out neighbor gave me a Christmas present that was an Apes play set with plastic trees, Apes figures and Army guys. I played it to death I’m sure.  After that  the next time I remember anything Apes related was around 81-82 when a local channel started showing these Apes movies on Sunday afternoon. I watched and enjoyed them but I didn’t find out until a few years later that these were not the Apes theatrical movies, but rather some of the episodes of the show slapped together as a movie. So I still had not seen the movies. Flash forward to Halloween 1992 and I finally saw the 1968 classic and loved it. During the rest of the 1990’s I saw the other theatrical films and the TV series when the sci-fi channel showed it. In 1998 AMC showed an Apes fest with all the films over and over plus Roddy McDowall hosting the documentary Behind the planet of the apes which was awesome. I was a huge Apes fan by that point, but when Tim Burton’s film was coming I was not excited because I figured it was going to be bad and it was (more on this later in the week if I get to it). After that film died down Apes went back to being about the late 60’s and early 70’s again until the franchise was revived a few years ago. This time it was done right plus the Apes franchise had a future again. Which us brings us to this week. The Apes franchise has held up alright over the years keeping a fair amount of solid fans and it’s good to see the idea being revived again in the reboots. Hopefully fans of the older films can appreciate the new films and likewise hopefully younger fans getting into the Apes via the new films can appreciate the older films. Oh and don’t forget the TV series it had some good ideas here and there. I will review one episode each of both the 1974 series and the short lived 1975 cartoon this week as well.




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6 responses to “My history with the Planet of the apes

  1. The TV show sounds like an interesting way to spend a few hours on a rainy Saturday or something lol. Nice column.

  2. I remember the show fondly. I always thought the two actors were chosen because they resembled Starsky & Hutch. I had all the Ape figures and the Tree-house, too!

    • Except that Apes started a full year before Starsky and Hutch. Maybe this show was a trend setter as the Dukes, CHiPS, Battlestar Gallactica also all went with the blond and dark hair buddy combo. Of course those shows didn’t have a chimp dude along.

      • I must have caught them in reruns or missed the first year. Dont think I had my time machine up and running at the time, lol. But yeah, all the shows had the same pairing. How many seasons did PotA go for. It couldn’t have been too many (i’m thinking 2).

      • A mere 13 episodes on the air. They made a 14th that didn’t get shown but was included in the DVD set.

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