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Return to the planet of the apes-Flames of doom

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Did I hear an ice cream truck?


In this ape city an argument is going on about humans. General Urko insists humans should only be for labor but Cornelius and Zira say much can be learned from studying humans. Zaius has the final say and leans towards the chimps getting a few humans for studying. Meanwhile a space capsule comes down in the water-splash!!! Astronauts Bill, Jeff and Judy make it to sure and begin traveling across the animated desert. They also realize it’s thousands of years in the future. Out in the desert they run into storms, flames that destroy their supplies and they find a plant. Life, it’s life! They soon see a Mount Apemore of sorts and wonder who would make ape faces on a mountain? Oh, well they march on and the earth opens up and swallows Judy before closing again. Huh? Maybe inner earth needed women. The two dudes move on and near caves they find people. Most are scraggly looking guys, but a dark woman named Nova has dog tags of an astronaut named Brent-Ron Brent. Bill and Jeff relay that Brent’s nametags say he was born 100 years after they left earth. They ask Nova where Brent is but before they can do much else the apes are coming. The apes have smoke bombs and jeeps-apparently they have both American and European jeeps and the steering wheel is seen on both sides at different times. The apes go after the cave people trying to grab a bunch. Jeff and Nova stumble into a hole and fall down to some place beyond where the apes are searching. Jeff isn’t so lucky as he gets knocked out and tossed into the cage with other guys and hauled back to ape city. As with most of these episodes this is the cliffhanger ending.

The negatives-The animation is about as cheap as can be. While the backgrounds are alright the animation is minimal with only mouths or single figures moving while the rest of the picture sits there. Picky apes fans are going to ask how can Nova and Brent be here when Brent was killed and the planet blew up? How can Urko be in a world where Brent was when he wasn’t there in the second film? It’s implied this is New York again like in the films yet Urko was in the TV series which was set in California. Although having jeeps could explain Urko moving across country yet it doesn’t explain why the apes here have jeeps and the apes in the films and TV series had only horses.

The positives-Despite being a Saturday morning cartoon they don’t sugarcoat the ideas of slavery and oppression. Despite some continuity issues the show still tries to maintain the feel of the films and the TV series and for the most part is works. They finally have a female astronaut who survives the space travel although they do make her slightly whiny.

The series only lasted 13 episodes from September to November of 1975 although the episodes were shown over and over until September of 1976.




Talking humans? Absurd!


Who wrote Urko is a Jerko on the bathroom walls?


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