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Planet of the apes 2001 vs. Rise of the planet of the apes

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The negatives-

POTA 2001-The main human character was so lifeless we had no connection with him. The humans dressed like hipsters rather an oppressed people. The plot was overall predictable.

The Rise of the planet of the apes-The film takes a while to get going. James Franco’s acting may have been fair enough, but a little bland. If you have problems with CGI then this film may bother you.

The positives-

POTA 2001-Despite the outcome I give Burton credit for attempting to revive POTA. The Apes makeup was generally good. Most of the visual effects were very nice.

The Rise of the planet of the apes-The plot is strong and really sets up the series to move on and add other chapters. John Lithgow and Andy Serkis were both fantastic. The film takes time to really make us care and understand about the changes going on with the characters.

Final word-

Tim Burton said his film was a re-imagining and not a remake. Rise set out to reboot the Apes series. POTA 2001 takes on the story from the 1968 film. Rise has more in common with Conquest from 1972 in that it shows the origins of the Apes uprising. To me Tim Burton made a dumbed down action fiction that failed to show respect to the original series. Rather than adding any original ideas or views this film tries to rely on the effects. Visually it’s great, but the human characters give us nothing to make us care about them. Rise focuses on storytelling and showing how the human society starts the changes that will cause the apes to become more than they are. Special effects come into play later, but character development is the center of this film and it’s handled fairly well.

Results-The rise of the planet of the apes revived the apes series as it managed to be respectful enough to the original but added enough new ideas to make it a new chapter in the world of Planet of the Apes. Planet of the apes 2001 came across as a misfire that seemed more interested in the visuals than the actual story.

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