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Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2-The secret of the ooze



The Turtles back, they still love pizza but they seem a bit sillier overall. April is back too, hey wait they slipped in the old “same character, but a different actress trick” in on us. For shame. Oh and Shredder is back too, hey didn’t he die in the first one? Oh well if Spock can come back then so can Shredder. They added a cute little Asian kid because we know well that went in the second Indiana Jones movies. Okay on to the plot once we find it. Oh here it is-Shredder and his foot guys kidnap a scientist (David Warner) and forces him to use this ooze to mutate a snapping turtle and a wolf doggie thing into giant versions that strong but have no brains you know like pro-wrestlers. That’s the plot? Hey at least we get to see the timeless music legend Vanilla Ice perform during a turtles fight, wait that’s not really a bonus. Eventually after numerous jokes the turtles beat Shredder again, but not before he gets real big (thanks to Kevin Nash AKA: Diesel/Big Daddy Cool).  Roll the credits.

Negatives-The first April was better. No Casey Jones. The plot and action have been watered down this time around. While I liked how the turtles looked I felt the film just went rather than flowed. The charactizations added little that wasn’t done in the first film.

Positives-Some of the humor is funny. The first fight scene is cool and the humor is memorable.

A rather average outing for the Turtles and a bit of a letdown from the first film.




600full-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-ii -the-secret-of-the-ooze-screenshot


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2 responses to “Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2-The secret of the ooze

  1. It will always be remembered for the Ninja Rap!

  2. Go, ninja, go, ninja, go ninja go!

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