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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Parasitica



I’m taking on an episode of the newer cartoons series from Nickelodeon because…

1-It’s good to take a look at what the turtles have been up to in recent years.

2-I just saw this episode the other day when the kids were watching it so it’s fresh in my mind.

No one listens to Mikey because in this version he has stupid ideas. In a fight with a giant wasp he inadvertently causes Leo to get stung. Without it’s stinger the wasp dies. They find an egg they believe to have come from the wasp and Leo insists they take it back to the HQ. Really Leo has been infected and is being controlled by the weird insect egg. He begins to change. Raph notices the change, but doesn’t have time to get help. He gets bit by Leo and changes. The next morning Donnie and Mikey see the other tow have changed and try to get the doors closed to trap them in so they can have time to think up a plan. Donnie comes up with a formula for an antidote but is bitten by Leo before he can finish. He tells Mikey to finish it and inject all of them. Mikey agrees and knocks out Donnie once he turns, but not before Donnie bites Mikey. Donnie changes and goes to Raph and Leo. They ask about Mikey and Donnie says he bit him so he will be there soon and he is. He seems to have turned, but it’s a fake and he injects them with the antidote. They go normal and Mikey explains how he managed to finish the antidote and says it may cause drowsiness. So all but Mikey fall over and of course the egg hatches to release three giant wasps. Mikey holds them off until the others awaken and they take down the insect invaders. Mikey brags and gets hammered by Leo for using his favorite comic as toilet paper. Roll the animated credits.

The negatives-While I generally like this cartoon I don’t like that they make Mikey too dumb, that’s not really needed.

The positives-This is definitely a break from them fighting the usual suspects. I like that it comes down to  Donnie and Mikey to fend off their stronger brothers and solve the problem. There is also a  Star Trek influenced cartoon that Leo likes but the others make fun of. The segment in this episode is hilarious.






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