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My very brief history with Robocop


Before I get into reviewing the film trilogy I’m going to throw out some background on my history with this character. Not that there is much to it actually. Unlike something like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I am not a long time fan of Robocop. In fact I avoided the films for years. So travelling back to 1987 I was still in high school, I still had hair, wrestling and heavy metal were two of my main interests and Robocop came out. One of my friends saw it and loved it. He even had a Robocop poster on his wall. Anyways in describing the film to me he was like “it has bloody bodies, guns, bloody bodies, explosions, bloody bodies, a robot cop and did I mention bloody bodies?”. I figured it was like a cross between the tin man and Rambo so I avoided the movie. Fast forward about five years and now I’m in college. I had a friend who liked every film that came down the pike in fact I don’t know when he actually studied for classes due to his movie watching habits and he loved the first two Robocop movies. He went on about them again not really saying anything about a plot or any good performances that would make me want to see this so when some of my friends would gather to watch these movies and throw out quotes from them I declined and went to do something else. Now go forward like 17 years to my birthday in 2009 and one thing my wife gets me for my birthday is Robocop on DVD. She is not a big sci-fi fan although she likes some action films. She saw Robocop with her mom in 1987 and they both liked it and she thought I would enjoy it. Since it was my wife and a gift I watched it and hey I did like, I would watch it on a boat and I would watch it with a goat. Now on to this year and the remake comes out, but I have just not had a chance to see it and have heard mixed things about. Likely I will check it out at some point this year. With new versions comes movie companies plunking out the old films on DVD to cash in. Even though I already had the first film I paid $9.99 to get the original trilogy. I watched them one a day three days in a row like two weeks ago so they are fresh in my mind for me to review. There you go a very dull account of someone who likes the first film but didn’t run after it at first.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

One response to “My very brief history with Robocop

  1. I haven’t got into the second and third but the first is a Sci-Fi classic in my eyes.

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