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Carnival or why I didn’t write yesterday



Night time at the local carnival.



My kids.



Me and an alien.

I have not had time to watch I walked with a zombie this week and don’t expect to today. Instead I hope to write something quick on Son of Dracula on Saturday to wrap up black and white week. I did get to take the family to the carnival yesterday and the weather was great for it. The kids rode a lot of rides and played a few games. Every town in our county has a carnival done to raise money for the fire department during the summer. The town closest to us has theirs the 4th of July week. Since we can really only afford to go to one we go  to the one in a neighboring town. It’s further away and a little more expensive but we prefer it because they have more rides, they shuttle you there from a local school so you don’t have to deal with town parking and it’s the last carnival of the summer so it’s a cool thing to squeeze in before school starts up for the kids. For next week it will be Time Travel week with reviews of time travel episodes of Star Trek and UFO plus a review Mr. Peabody and Sherman (just saw it at the free movie this past week) and a comparison between the 1960 and 2002 versions of the Time Machine.

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