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Time Machine 1960 vs. 2002

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The 1960 version of the Time Machine is largely considered a sci-fi movie classic. As well it should, it’s a solid enough adaption of H.G. Well’s Time Travel novel. The suspense and intrigue of traveling through time is captured well and has been the blueprint for time travel in TV and films for the decades since. So it set large shoes to fill for any remakes. Thus was the case for the 2002 film and it was criticized by plenty of people. It had more of a romantic angle and pulled further away from the literary work. Yet it did try to put in plenty of action, suspense and wonder. The 1960 version worked mostly because it developed the unknown parts of time travel and how one could run into unforseen trouble in the future. The viewer is riveted to what is going on. The 2002 version has as do all remakes the task of re-creating the story but adding enough of it’s own ideas to make it work seeing. That’s a tough task so did it succeed? No, not entirely but it was not a total failure either. I think the remake managed to be a decent version of the film. As with many remakes there are followers of the original who are ready to criticize every point as quickly as possible. I love the 1960 version and watch it maybe twice a year. It’s hard to believe the 2002 version is a dozen years old now because I remember seeing it when it was first on video and doesn’t seem that long ago. Count me as one of the minority that thinks the 2002 version was decent in it’s way and I still enjoy watching it from time to time.


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