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Kid’s Book review-Earth space moon base

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I came across this new children’s picture book by Ben Joel Price. The book has a spaceman, a robot and a cheeky monkey. They head out on a mission that involves zooming around in a spaceship, shooting bananas from a gun and keeping angry aliens at bay. The story is okay and actually a little awkward. However the real reason to give this one a look is the awesome illustrations. They are done in a retro look that have you thinking of late 50’s/early 60’s sci-fi films. There is a limited use of basic colors and am emphasis on shading. The illustrations were so good that I looked them several times. While books about teddy bears, bunnies, ponies and such are fine I am glad to see a good retro space monster type book pop up as well. I wished I had this one when my kids were a little younger.

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