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The Three Stooges meet Hercules



Larry, Moe and Curly Joe are working in a pharmacy in Ithaca, New York and causing all kinds of messes and mischief. A glasses wearing scientist guy named Schulyer is in the next building trying to make a time machine (!). Larry and Curly Joe make a mess in the store, This causes their boss Dimsal to explode and blame Schulyer who acts scared. Schulyer’s girlfriend Diane gets mad at him over spending too much energy on his time machine and gives him two days to finish it. Just to be a rat Dimsal changes lines on the time machine diagram. The stooges try to fix the machine and it goes haywire of course. Diane and Skyler arrive just in time to be sucked into traveling in time with the stooges and the rickety machine.  The machine lands as Ulysses and his army battles Odius (the same dude who plays Dimsal)and some bad dudes and Hercules out in Ancient Greece (or southern California). Schulyer says it’s 900 BC. Odyus thinks the time travels are Olympus and that they came to help them win the battle. Odius has his eyes on Diane even though he acts nice to Schulyer and the stooges. They are all at a banquet where Hercules shows off his stegnth by cracking nuts with his biceps. Odius had Ulysses captured and treats him like dirt. Schulyer and the stooges then realize they are likely helping the wrong side so they need to do something and free Ulysses. They do and Hercules persues them arrrr! Odius and Herucles capture them and the stooges and Schuyler are sent to do rowing under harsh conditions. With all the rowing Schulyer builds his muscles (but the stooges don’t). King Theseus thinks Schuyler is Hercules and frees him and the stooges in exchange for getting rid of a giant two headed fuzzy cyclops thingie. Curly Joe and Moe manage to give tranquilizers to the cyclops and knock them out, but they make Schuyler think he did it to build up his confidence.  Seeing an opportunity the stooges line up fights for Schuyler posing as Hercules against monsters that the stooges drug. They make money from it and find their way back to try and save Diane and help Ulysses. They get back, but Odius catches them. Hercules fights Schuyler, but nerd no more Schuyler beats Herc and gets him to agree to turn good. The stooges and Schuyler grab Diane and race to the time machine in a chariot with Odius in hot pursuit across the hills and countryside. Odius tries to use spiked wheels to stop them, but hey wouldn’t you know it the stooges just happen to have pies in their chariot to throw at the skunk. The good people get back to their own time while dropping Odius off in a rough situation in the old west. Schuyler has muscles now and stands up to Dimsal who flees and has a bad run in back in time when he takes the time machine. Roll the credits.


“I’m with stupid.”  “No, I am.”

The negatives-It’s late era stooges so the slapstick is limited due to their ages.

The positives-This is one of the better of the stooges later films in my opinion. It’s silly, but it’s a good mix of silliness and gags.

During their run of films from 1958 to 1964 the stooges ended up pulling in elements of sci-fi, westerns, fairy tales and in this case the sword and sandal genre. I think they did a decent job with it. Canadian bodybuilder/wrestler Samson Burke plays Hercules here. He had been in a couple of European sword and sandal flicks both before and after this one. It’s a bit odd to see Herc played as a bad guy for most of the film.


Watch me crack this nut.



Time travelers?


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