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Top five favorite guys to have played Hercules in the movies

Steve Reeves as Hercules E-Mail

1-Steve Reeves-Reeves had the look and the right presence to carry off playing the mighty Hercules son of Zeus. It’s a shame he didn’t have more monsters to fight.


2-Nigel Green-Okay I may get fussed at for picking a non-bodybuilder who played the role for only a small portion of one film. However I thought that this British character actor was wonderful playing a slightly older Herc in Jason and the Argonauts.


3-Reg Park-

He was a huge Hercules. I like he played it a bit laid back almost lazy at times before eventually taking action.


4-Lou Ferrigno-Big Lou played Herc in two bad movies. However he sure looked the part. Even though he wasn’t given the greatest villains he certainly managed to look impressive while flexing his muscles.


5-Peter Lupus-Far more known for his time on Mission Impossible than for playing Herc. I don’t approve of the smooth face look, but still had a solid approach to the role. Plus he looked convincing when he started flexing his back muscles.


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2 responses to “Top five favorite guys to have played Hercules in the movies

  1. Steve Reeves was my fave, he was in a lot of the 1960’s Italian Hercules films if I’m not mistaken. In fact, when anyone mentions Hercules, Reeves is who I picture in my mind.

  2. Definitely, he set the standard for the character.

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