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Sword and and sandal/sorcery in the 1990’s and beyond

300 conan_the_adventurer_season_2_part_2-_flat_shot Kevin-Sorbo-as-Hercules

As I mentioned in a post earlier this month this genre saw an explosion from about 1959-1964. After that the genre seem to vanish  about a decade and a half. The 70’s saw Ray Harryhausen do a pair of Sinbad films and Rankin-Bass took on Tolkien, but not a whole of other films in the genre came out that decade. By the early 80’s Dungeons and Dragons and other role playing games were popular and the genre popped back into favor on the big screen for the first part of the 1980’s. There were a few ventures into the genre on the small screen as well including the fantastic D & D cartoon and the short lived Wizards and Warriors. By the end of the decade the swords and half clothed warriors were gone again. However their absence would not be so long although their next appearance would be on the small screen in the 1990’s. Hercules and Xena came to TV in shows that combined action and humor. The 90’s would see Conan come to TV as well in a live action version and an animated version. Even the Beastmaster would eventually come to television as well. Sword and sandal/sorcery had returned and by the 2000’s there were more attempts in both made for TV and theatrical films. The Lord of the rings trilogy and 300 were some popular films that showed that there was still a market for these types of movies. While not every attempt has been great I for one am glad to see filmmakers still taking on this style of movie.

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  1. Abbi ⋅

    I LOVED Hercules The Legendary Journeys!

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