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TV terror Tuesday-Gidget

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A hard night’s night


Ew.. Gidget how scary..well I was petrified of teenage girls when I was teenage boy. Anyway in between surfing, boys and light drama there was one semi-scary related episode in this one  season show. Gidget is going to spend the night at her friend Larue’s house and Gidget’s dad Russ is flying out of town so their house will be empty. Larue tries to get Gidget to read her story, but when she criticizes it she and Larue argue which results in Gidget going  back to her house. Meanwhile Russ is stuck at the airport because his plane is delayed.  While at the airport he runs into an old friend-Stew. He has flown in to town to increase his insurance but has to pass a health test. Stew is a downright wreck and needs a good night’s sleep so good guy Russ offers his house since no one is supposed to be there. Oh, hey I see the plot falling into place. Of course it’s a stormy night as Gidget gets into the house and heads to her room upstairs. Shortly after Stew shows up and starts setting his sleep area (complete with humming lava lamp) in a downstairs room. Eventually to get things ready to go sleepy time Stew discovers lights that Gidget has on and he turns them off. Of course our title character comes back to a dark room and gets scared. She calls Larue to come over and keep her company. Meanwhile the neighbors Fonya and Herb have returned from a party. Fonya see the lights on Gidget’s house and since she knows they aren’t supposed to be there she thinks something is up and asks her husband to go check it out. Wait that sounds dull. Oh I forgot to add that this couple was at a costume party and Herb is still in his werewolf get-up-oh I see what’s coming. Herb now enters the house and starts looking around. Now we have three parties wondering through the house turning lights on and off on each other and moving stuff around. Gidget and Larue are easily the most frightened. Stew puts in his earplugs before settling down so he is oblivious to much…until he runs face to face with Herb. Stew screams waaaahhhhh and passes out boooom. Meanwhile Fonya has called the police so they rush in and at first grab Herb you know cause he’s all monster looking, but then Fonya claims him so the police grab Stew. He says Russ gave him permission and keys, but Gidget says she knows nothing of this and lets the cops take Stew away and the others think he is the famous burglar Pajama Plotkin. Gidget and Larue go to get Russ at the airport and chatter on so fast that he can’t understand them-a real rarity for teenage girls to act this way.  They  then start into their story slowly and Russ waves to Stew who is obviously headed back by plane, but is certainly not in a good mood. Gidget and Larue go slack jawed realizing what has really happened and they chatter more. At the end Gidget talks to the camera and the show is over and she gets ready to go back to more beach shenanigans.

The negatives-Russ is only the episode a little compared to his normal role. Also Gidget’s sister Anne and brother in law John (Pete Duel was excellent in this role) are not in this one.

The positives-The episode is an old idea, but they get the most out of scaring each other just by not knowing that someone else is nearby. I like seeing some different characters have major roles and all of the guests do very well in this episode. Plenty of shows do scary episodes whether it fits into their format or not. This episode added some mild scary elements, but kept the feel of the show-well done.

Gidget was a good show with strong chemistry between the leads. This episode makes me laugh every time.

**TV terror Thursday will be up in two days with the A-Team and I pity the fool  that misses reading that one.

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