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TV terror Thursday-The A-team

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Where is the monster when you need him?


Hannibal is working his other job as a movie monster in this case Gatorella. His friend Jerry (long time character actor Michael Lerner playing a less grumpy character than normal) is directing this film for the first time. Face has taken care of travel and location arrangements or so they think. Hannibal and Jerry are preparing to leave to go and meet the others at the airport to depart for Mexico. However Colonel Decker and his men are watching Hannibal and are ready to get him when he goes to his car. They spring the trap, but Hannibal is quick enough to shove Jerry into the car and take off with the Army in hot pursuit. Meanwhile at the airport Murdock is figuring how to get their broken down they have off the ground. BA is knocked out because of course we know he hates planes and they have to drug him to haul his big rumpus around. Face is hitting on leading lady and apparently first time actress Jennifer ‘Jenny’ O’Hannorhan (Judy Landers). Face also has to deal with with sour puss and leading man Charles Lake (Dennis Cole). Hannibal and Jerry come roaring into the airfield with shots being fired behind them from the pursuing Army vehicles. Our heroes and the film crew manage to board the plane and make a shaky takeoff. Murdoch gets the plane to Mexico but they are low on gas. They are greeted by the local police and told to leave immediately. Face doesn’t understand since he had already made arrangements with the police to come and film. Hannibal pushes the others on to go and start filming. So they set up by a large lake and begin filming monster scenes. They are interrupted by an ugly henchman who says get out or die in one hour. Jerry wants to leave and even some of the others are unsure because they only have prop weapons. However being a movie crew they have pyrotechnics so the A-team and the movie crew set up charges around the area. When the goons come back Hannibal tells his friends to show what they have and nearby explosions pop up. Of course it’s just movie type explosions, but the baddies think they are really being show at by superior weapons-what a bunch of dunderheads. So they surrender their weapons and run off. Turns out they work for a real nasty piece of work Ramon Dejarro (Walter Gotell who was in everything from the African Queen to a couple of James Bond films). Dejarro is wanted for war crimes in South America, but is hiding out in Mexico which is why his thugs tried chasing the movie crew off because he didn’t want to be seen. The A-team spot him and go get him, but they find out his help are holding all the local women and children hostage so the A-team have to give up to keep those people alive. Eventually the A-team get the upper hand, grab Dejarro, defeat the rotten people and free the children and women folk. They finish their film and head back to the states. Hannibal dresses as an old movie theater owner and traps Decker and his assistant. So Hannibal, the rest of the A-team and the movie cast and crew watch their completed movie-the end.


The negatives-This was early in the forth season so we know the formula of the series although this one does break the formula just a little. I did think they defeated the evil guys a bit easily  in this one.

The positives-I love the parts that probably many B films face-poor transportation, balking actors, quick set-up at questionable locations, inexperienced actresses, first time directors and rubber suited monsters. The episode does have some changes from the norm as the team isn’t hired but stumbles on a situation and Hannibal’s costume fooling around is at the end of the episode instead of the beginning.

Overall a decent episode with some fun nods to low budget movie making.




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4 responses to “TV terror Thursday-The A-team

  1. Nice write up. I am hooked on the blonde if I do say so myself.

  2. I was fascinated by this show when I was little!! Loved Mr. T! And, unless I’m imagining this, I believe it came on right before or after Silver Spoons, which I ALSO loved. I remember this episode. And I also remember their promos for the network. “Be there!” 🙂

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