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First Fright Friday-The Killer Shrews


Killer Shrews 2

Shrew you, buddy!



A shrew looks like a cross between a mole and a mouse. Unless you are on an isolated island doing research on them and your drunken assistant lets them out by accident. See then they are going to go out into the woods and get all big and shaggy like dogs wearing fake shag fur suits. Then they’ll squeak like a hyper squeaky door. Oh and of course they’ll run after people and try to eat them-yum human flesh so salty and um fleshy. So then you have to slap up big wooden walls around your house/science lab to keep people out. If guys come in by boat you act all nervous like and don’t be straightforward at all about the shrews. That way one of the fellas from the boat will get eaten all up by the above  killer shrews because he didn’t know to look out for them. Now you’ve done it, they’ve eaten one person so they’ll want more. So you are stuck sitting around this house/science lab talking and sitting in front of the bare sets. Oh, hey nothing happened in a while let one of them shrews get in to kill the hired help-well mission accomplished there. Ulp, don’t look know them shrews is getting nasty and snarly like as they chew holes at the walls trying to get in.

Shrews-Let us in, let us in.

People in house-Let us out, let us out.

Alright some time has gone by let’s let that heavy set science guy die from a shrew bite-boomppp-done. Hey get them rubber head shrew props squealing and sqawling all menacing and such. Fine now the sailor guy needs to smack the drunk around -whack-smack crack. Okay, now let  the drunk be, no throw him to the shrews-there you go, no wait minute yeah just let him be again. Only three people left worth saving the main science type older guy, his wide eyed blond daughter and the hero/sailor guy. So how do they get out of this. Um… helicopter? Don’t have one.  Train? No tracks or train. Big catapult? No might get hurt on the landing. How about we take metal barrels and weld them together and get under them and walk together like a foot powered tank only not nearly as a cool. So they do this, but the drunk chooses to stay and eventually tries running through the woods only to stumble and get licked to death by the doggies er eaten by the shrews I meant to say. The three worth saving get under their barrel thingy and walk it out through the woods while the *ahem* shrews attack. When they get to the water the people drown…oh, no wait they actually make it out to the boat and survive. The science guy babbles on about the shrews will eat each other and then will be left and then it will be die – you know all rainbows and unicorn type talk. Roll the credits.

The negatives-Lots of sitting around saying pretty much nothing for long stretches. The monsters such as they are won’t exactly scare or impress you, but hey it’s a 1950’s B movie so weren’t expecting too much.

The positives-Picking shrews as  the monster is a unique and somewhat welcome choice of attacker. Despite being low budget at least they had a boat to retreat too. Although a bit silly as an escape route I think the barrel tank works better than the usual using some spray or heavy object to stop the enemy.

This film is perhaps as much known for who is in it as it is for it’s bargain basement monsters. We have two future TV lawmen of sorts battling the shrews.

On the left here is our hero played by James Best. You likely know him best as Roscoe from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Far less recognizable is the guy on the right below. That’s Ken Curtis who you know best as Festus on Gunsmoke. He played Jerry the drunk in this film.


The_Killer_Shrews 3

The killer shrews are played by doggies.


So this was my first time seeing this one. It has far more slow parts then I was hoping for. The shrews are silly. However as a fan of 50’s B movies it’s worth seeing at least once. At least they didn’t make a sequel 53 years later..oh wait they did, but I have yet to see it.


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4 responses to “First Fright Friday-The Killer Shrews

  1. That is great cheesy fun! Very good choice!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember watching this one. Not the greatest, and like you say too many slow parts. But decent silly fun.

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