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Sleepy Hollow Sundays-The legend of Smurfy Hollow

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So Hefty and some other Smurfs are smurfing around the campfire-wait is that dirty or not? That’s what comes from using the same word for so many things. Anyways Narrator Smurf comes up and yes apparently there really is such a character at least for this show. He tells the story of the legend of Smurfy Hollow as it changes from CGI to old style animation to appease old stuck in the mud, grumpy people. So years ago they had a smurfberry collecting contest thingiemasomething. Brainy had won nine years in a row and was bragging that he’d win again. Gutsy smurf says he will this year. In case you missed the new movies Gutsy is the Scottish themed Smurf. SO the contest starts and everyone avoids Smurfy Hollow because apparently of you cross the covered bridge to get there you will end up running into all kinds of nasty trouble-oh, dear. Gutsy follows Brainy and is shocked to see him go across the bridge and over to Smurfy Hollow. Gutsy follows and is shocked to see that that there is a huge stash of Smurfberries growing there that Brainy has never told anyone else about-the skunk. Gutsy decides to play a trick and creates a fake headless horseman then he scares Brainy off and collects tons of Smurf berries for himself. He hauls them back to the village to claim his prize. All goes well until everyone wonders where Brainy is. Gutsy feels guiltsy I mean guilty and goes to looks for him. Smurfette follows as she suspects something is up. Gutsy tells her what he did and they both go to Smurfy Hollow to find dorky I mean Brainy. They find him in one of Gargamel’s traps and of course then they both get trapped like a couple of smurfheaded Smurfs. Azrael the cat sees them and goes off to inform Gargamel. The smurfs thinks they are up smurf creek without a paddle until Gutsy and Briany get loose, but the baddies arrive before they can free Smurfette so they take cover nearby. Gargamel gets Smurfette out but she escapes. The baddies go after the three Smurfs and then headless horseman appears as a glowing green thingie and chases them. The Smurfs head to the covered bridge with Garagamel and Azrael behind them and the headless horseman chasing behind. The Smurfs make it across the bridge-whew I was worried. Gargamel and Azrael make it to the bridge but unwisely taunt the headless, glowing guy who trows a glowy pumpkin at them and the evil guy and his cat fall in the water-ker-splash. The three Smurfs get back to the village and they are all nice to each other now and all if forgiven. Off to the far side we see that Papa Smurf magically transformed a goat in the headless horseman to help the smurfs and he turns it back into a goat. We go back to our CGI Smurfs who get scared by bats and roll the them Smurfy credits.

The negatives-Not so much. If you didn’t like the Smurfs already you won’t like this, but you probably know that.

The positives-Fans of the old Smurfs will like this with it’s flashback and the 1981 style animation. It also captures the feel of the original series. My kids and I all enjoyed this one.

We get the voices of Hank Azaria, Tom Kane and even Frank Welker in this one so a good story and some voice acting talent. Can’t go wrong with that.


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