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TV terror Tuesday-The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew





The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew meet Dracula

The Hardy Boy’s dad Fenton is off in Europe on business and he disappears-poof. So they go over to see what’s up. All too conveniently Fenton Hardy was working for Nancy Drew’s dad so she pops overseas as well to find what he’s discovered involving some mysterious deaths. So this loosely formed plot has thrown together the main characters and tossed them into another setting. Long range stock footage and voice overs also convince us that oh yes they are in Europe and not you know in some back lot in Hollywood. The Hardy boys meet investigator Hans Stavlin (Lorne Greene) who had met their dad but doesn’t know where he is now. Eventually the Hardys and Nancy Drew meet and Nancy flips Frank onto the floor (one of the real highlights of this two parter) although Joe probably deserves it more because you know that he is going to “sing” at some point soon. They share what they know about mysterious deaths and the whereabouts of the Hardy’s dad. All roads seem to point to Transylvania. Where a concert is taking place at Dracula’s castle. The headliner is Allison Troy (Paul Williams) sort of a cross between Alice Cooper and Elton John. It also looks like murders coincide with places where Allison Troy has stopped on his tour. So he may doing harm with more than just his music. Somewhere around this time we go into a part two which has about as much structure as the first part which is to say not much. Some people turn up with bite marks on their necks-aieeee! There are some rubber bats posing as vampire bats doing some attacking. Nancy snoops around like she always does. Some villagers get angry and think the rock festival is evil…evil I tell you. There’s some running around and eventually Mr. Hardy pops up and the mystery gets solved. However despite the smallness of the event the rock concert and the castle overshadows the mystery that’s going on for the viewers. I mean despite the lack of rockin’ there’s still music, 70’s fashions, everyone in costume and it’s all at a castle. Everything gets wrapped up and roll the credits before Shaun Cassidy sings again…oops too late there he goes.


The negatives-This was the beginning of season two and quite honestly the mystery part here and most of the second season isn’t nearly as strong as it was in the first season. The thin plot seems stretched even thinner over two parts.

The positives-Paul Williams seemed like and odd pick for a hipster 70’s rock star here and he has some lame lines, but overall he handles it well and proves to be one of the real draws of the second part. Even though I preferred the Hardy Boys when I was a kid I now that Pamela Sue Martin’s Nancy Drew puts them to shame as far as TV detectives go. The Hardys were often clueless while Nancy was relentless.

hardy boys and nancy drew meet dracula_allison



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